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7 Types of Wedding Guest Outfits That Never Fail

So you’ve received a wedding invitation, and you know this is your chance to dress up—or at the very least, wear something other than your leggings or joggers. The big question is what

With the types of weddings you can attend becoming increasingly diverse, so is the scope of your outfit. Many couples are now opting for smaller, more intimate celebrations, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give your wedding guest outfit any less consideration than you would if the guest list were in the triple figures.

On the flip side, with restrictions hopefully remaining lifted, others see it as an opportunity to plan full-blown black-tie events oozing glamour and to wear something exceptional

Whatever the aesthetic, venue or location of the soirée, we’ve found seven types of wedding guest outfits that cover all bases. Scroll on to see them, and you’ll have the dress code cracked in seconds. 

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